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    staff vs staffs
     · I do see staffs used in the plural sometimes nowadays, which I didn’t in the past. I think there may be a change brewing, but for the moment would recommend holding back and using staff, and members of staff for a plural, Rover’s not so common case excepted.
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     · Because of the final word, the plural Districts, it sounds like three different staffs (groups of people) to me: one from Northwest, one from Avra Valley, and one from Drexel Heights. So I’d say I need you to work with the trainin g staff s from Northwest, Avra Valley , and Drexel Heights f ire d istricts.
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     · The problem is that “staff” is a word that can be singular or plural, depending on context. The best clue you are going to get is to look at other, similarly constructed sentences, using words of less ambiguous plurality and see which verb fits best there.
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    Is “staff” singular or plural?

    Is “staff” singular or plural? 10 2
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    is staff singular or plural?
    It refers to the people who work in an organisation so it is plural but there isn’t a singular form of this word. We can also say there is one member of staff. |In British English the word “staff” is plural. —In this hotel the staff are very skilled and helpful. In American
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    Is “staff” singular or plural?I
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     · PDF 檔案Singular Plural I staff We sta ff You staff You staff He/She/It staffs They staff Staff in Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense Staff Past Tense: Verb Forms, Conjugate STAFF Author Created Date 20210406042711+00’00’
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    Is “staff” singular or plural?I
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    The Norse Völur: Ancient Seeress Diviners | Ritual Goddess
    Is “staff” singular or plural?I
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    Is “staff” singular or plural?I
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    Staff can work as a singular noun or a plural noun depending on its usage. Your job is simply to adjust accordingly. Easy right? Now if the staff has a magical staff, or if they each have their own staffs, things might start to get complicated, but we’ll leave that

    Our staff has/ have worked hard.
     · “Staff” is a collective noun, like “town” is collective noun that represents many people (in theory) but is considered grammatically singular. Therefore, “our staff HAS worked hard” is correct. Even the quiz over “collective nouns” here at Farlex states that collective nouns are usually considered singular, although it leaves a brief note for British usage.

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