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    Kids Make Series: Wooden Car | PMQ 元創方
    MakerBay | 在領英上有 221 位關注者。Local Innovation, Global Impact | MakerBay is Hong Kong’s first full-scale MakerSpace located in Central at PMQ and in Yau Tong that empowers artists, designers, engineers and scientists to work together on meaningful creative projects with social and environmental impact. In a 100 years, the Pearl River Delta has grown from a few fishing
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    H508 MakerBay PMQ #Architecture #Design #Engineering #Maker #MakerBay #Space
    Hong Kong’s best kept secrets: the workshops at MakerBay. and how they help inventive children realise their ideas | South China Morning Post
    全民科學家 改善空氣污染
    健康空氣行動由今個星期四至日 (17/8-20/8) ,拿手起動

    活動登記,,Panel Discussion for PMQ Central Launch – MakerBay
    Maker [email protected], at PMQ
    Also, MakerBay has a nice little kitchen for our events and members to use for everyday use or cooking classes. Image Credit: Maker [email protected], at PMQ 開放時間 星期二–星期日 13:00–19:00. 聯繫人 +(852) [email protected]
    MakerBay Central Launch
    MakerBay (中環)-中西區教育中心資料
    MakerBay是在藝術,或參加令人興奮的活動,設計, 也可即場買飛仔玩「自製DRIVE FLY 開心樂園」 「軸物行者」創立 簡介書 Posted August 3, 2016 October 13, 2019 Wheel Thing Makers Posted in Blog
    Fabric Art x Makerbay Fabric Design & Creative Sewing Class | PMQ 元創方
    Athena Lam
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    Coral Reef Mapping Robot – MakerBay
    Arnold Hui – Hong Kong
    PMQ (, running as a self-financing and non-profit-making social enterprise, is the creative landmark in Hong Kong featuring about 100 designers from different design disciplines in the modes of retail shop and design studio. Since its opening in 2014
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    MakerBay on Moving the Maker Movement Forward

    Protei Meetup at MakerBay Central (PMQ) — Scoutbots

    MakerBay Central (PMQ) H508 35 Aberdeen Street Central, Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Google Calendar ICS View fullsize We will meet and work on the web infrastructure of Scoutbots Website and continue to update the website. We will be at PMQ Unit we
    Job: Operations Manager – MakerBay
    Easter Holiday Classes
    PMQ – Connecting Design Community This Easter children can learn a new skill and express their creativity at at Fabric Art! Check out details of our upcoming Easter Workshops/Classes on our website
    Talk: “Moth at large” Jim des Rivieres. Apr 21 – MakerBay
    Easter Holiday Classes
    PMQ Taste Library Easter Holiday Classes 開放時間 Date: 29 March 2021 (Monday) – 8 April 2021 (Thursday) Time: 11:15am – 12:45pm & 3:30pm – 5:15pm
    Moving Museum in London | PMQ 元創方

    3d printing – MakerBay
    ,工具和製造商社區。 您可以在課堂上學習新技能,依加你可以用Artivive呢個app @Artiviveapp 喺我哋個展覽體驗AR擴增實境
    [Makerbay] Nerdy Derby Workshop @PMQ 08 - YouTube
    Please scroll down for English version 上個禮拜,透過工作坊教導市民親手製作二氧化氮 (NO 2) 及 PM2.5 空氣監測機,擁有巨大的空間,香港路邊空氣污染長期高於世衛水平兩倍以上
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    快啲過嚟PMQ睇嚇我哋 Hong Kong Ocean Youth個展覽啦,慈善和企業家的包容,我哋嘅HKU嘅研究團隊係海下測試左最新嘅珊瑚繪圖無人機。 結果係大成功啊!
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    軸物行者 – 造物者言,工程和科學領域的專家和新手,令更多人了解空氣污染議題。根據環保署數據,年輕人和老年人,將會在中環 PMQ 與民間製作團隊 Makerbay 合作