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    不易褪色,可凸顯畫面的輪廓,增加金屬光澤等特殊質感表現 金屬色色鉛筆用在黑色紙張作畫時的效果最好,以及質地柔軟擁有寶石般的色彩,沾水作畫可有強烈濃厚清晰的水染色彩,容易與其他色彩調合。屬於水溶性彩色鉛筆,可乾畫或溼畫。
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    英國 Derwent 德爾文 Inktense 水墨色鉛筆 (24色) 0700929

    英國 Derwent 德爾文 Inktense 水墨色鉛筆 (24色) 0700929 品牌, 0700929 庫存狀態, 英國 Derwent 德爾文 型號,擁有半透明的效果,強調畫面的高亮部份 有油性及水性兩種(水性可與水混合有水彩效果)
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    Derwent Inktense Paper Pads
    Derwent Inktense Paper Pads have a textured Cold Pressed (NOT) surface specially made to bring out the vibrant colour and layering properties of Derwent Inktense pencils, blocks and paints. This paper is 100% cotton and made on a traditional cylinder mould
    ,可以畫出水墨畫般的細緻效果,繪畫和各種創意作品上, 1 NT$1,265 NT$1,012 數量 : 加入購物車 / 商品說明 商品規格 商品評論 (已有 0 筆商品評論) 新舊包裝隨機出貨 水墨色鉛筆結合筆與染料的
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    “Turning the tide” by Helen Carter, using Inktense Paint – …

    Tape your Derwent Inktense Paper to your desk along each side to create a crisp edge to your painting. Using a 2H pencil, lightly add the horizon line, making sure it is level. Sketch the four closest boats and a few of the boats in the distance. I have added a blue
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    Derwent : Inktense Blocks
    Dry Derwent Inktense delivers pure vibrant colour but when completely washed out it is transformed into a translucent ink-like paint which, when dry, can be worked over. The blocks are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of creative effects. You
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    Derwent Inktense Pencils on a quilt
    Derwent Inktense pencils come in pencils or blocks and are packed with pigment that can be used dry for rich color. However, the big selling point is that when the lead is activated with water or fabric medium they transform into an acrylic-based ink that is very
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    Color vibrante: Inktense crea un color vibrante e intenso similar a la tinta, que permanece fijo una vez seco.Versátil: adecuado para usar en papel, tela y o
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    De Derwent Inktense zijn potloden die ik al een hele tijd op mijn lijstje had staan. En toen ik ze eenmaal had, stelden ze niet teleur. Wat een prachtige kleuren! Tijd dus om er een artikel aan te wijden. Eigenlijk bestaan deze potloden uit inkt, inkt in potloodvorm dus.
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    Inktense potloden
    Derwent Inktense Dit zijn krachtige, wateroplosbare inkteffekt- kleurpotloden. Voor schets- en intensief kleuren. Breng de kleur puur op en was deze later uit met water. Het effekt lijkt op gewassen inkt. Na droging is het watervast en kan er gewoon overheen gewerkt worden. Ook geschikt op zijde. In 72 mooie kleuren. Prijs per stuk.
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    Derwent Drawing Pencils
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    Colored Pencils: Artist & Student Grade
    Derwent Inktense are as versatile as watercolor pencils, but with a firmer texture that allows them to perform with the brilliant intensity of traditional pen and ink. Strong, vibrant colors work on their own or …
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    Derwent Inktense Colored Pencils
    Derwent Inktense Colored Pencils are strong, vibrant colors which work beautifully on their own or can be mixed together to create rich, subtle tones. Can be used dry for rich, intense color or washed out with a little water to create a vivid translucent effect. Once
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    Derwent Studio Pencils 12 Tin
    DERWENT Watercolour Inktense Blocks Art Pastels Tin Set Stick Chalk 12 24 36 72 £43.65 + £20.39 P&P Seller 99.7% positive eco-arts sketch book pad scrapbook hardback wirobound white black kraft a5 a4 a3 £5.99 + P&P Seller 99.3% positive £5.99 + £2
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    Derwent達爾文金屬色水性色鉛12色-鐵盒裝 DW0700456 商品描述 可在素描,Derwent Inktense 12 stk.

    Derwent Inktense

    Derwent water in Inktense Continuing my experiments, I wanted to play with the light in this painting, using the amazing layering opportunities of inktense, combined with using the white acrylic ink colored with inktense, then more layers on that as required.
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    英國DERWENT德爾文- Inktense水墨色鉛筆精選36色組(換新包 …

    英國DERWENT德爾文 Inktense水墨色鉛筆精選 水墨色鉛筆結合筆與染料的特色